few great things that happened today

– continued doing volunteer work for an organization

– I was so frustrated of a colleague yesterday. I was wandering around helplessly on the 1st floor yesterday. Luckily a close friend was just passing by that time just around the corner. I had been planning to tell my manager that I needed a team change but  he listened to my problems patiently along with another guy. They convinced me to speak to tell my manager about the problems I had. Had they not been present that time I might have been in some mess with my boss.

– I spoke to my boss and he was fine listening to all my complaints. Ha ha. This is so amazing man. In future I can always appoach him with my problems.

– I got a raise

– The work on getting a house progressed further.


About The rising son

This blog is going to be updated whatever i find interesting. The main focus is going to be self-imrpovement.
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