Feeling overwhelmed because there is too much of things to improve?

I was feeling really overwhelmed by the amount of stuff I want to be doing. Some of the things are:

gk : i suck big time at it (as of now)

guitar : love the sound but wish i could play better

ms: need to prepare for my distance learning ms course from bits pilani. i havent been much of an academic and need to sit down to study on a daily basis (or else 45k goes down the drain)

friends: bond with very selected ppl. i want to increase my social circle also. this is directly related with gk. i wish i cud get more ppl to talk to and maybe a group to hang out with. dont you at times feel you knew more ppl closely?

spiritual: reading a bit everyday will go a long way later towards a more positive life

health: im like a fried potato – never know when something can break and really unhealthy. ive to practice some asana/pranayama on a daily basis

responsibilities: deal with lots of things to do around the house – getting rid of the clutter, putting ads for sale and following up with ppl, maintaining gud relations with the owners, getting groceries/small items, repariing stuff or getting them repaired, organizing/cleaning my room, paying bills, getting roommates.

job: surviving. i hav mostly been an extremely quiet person my whole life. job is all abt surviving with ppl i find difficult. this is one area where progress is gud. 😀  I got the highest rating in the team and things appear to be going good at least in this direction

tech: catch up on technology. too much. dns, active directory, java, selenium automation, certifications, dealining with office tech used – its a v.v. huge list. need to work on this too.

ok. nuff said. whats the solution to this never ending mountain on my back? i keep feeling overwhelmed when things keep breaking down and for the simplest of things not going the right way leads to more frustration. how do i deal with all this? The answer is: habits.

If I can make good habits things life will automatically start becomming more manageable as I dont have to push myself to do everything here. And for building habits, the perfect solution is here.

Try this out. It can help keep motivation high for new habits.

I’m going to print this out and fill-it up tom. Yawn. good night readers.


About The rising son

This blog is going to be updated whatever i find interesting. The main focus is going to be self-imrpovement.
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